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Proudly serving Albertans for over 15 years

Traditional Values & New Technology

      The "Traditional Values" that we hold to, represents pride in one's work, good communication, and a result that will motivate you to talk about us to your business partners, friends and family. While keeping with the tradition of construction and maintenance for commercial and industrial spaces that has been an integral part of our business since inception, we also believe in the future of technology, thus the "New Technology" in our motto. This applies to all three disciplines that we work in.

      For example years ago we were one of the first electrical contractors in western Canada to partner with a small company called TESLA. They were just starting to deliver their first cars to Canada and needed a partner who was both competent and trustworthy to represent the brand. Already having an interest in this field and understanding its potential in these early days, management decided to pursue this partnership and direct a wing of the company to green energy. Shortly thereafter Porsche asked us to partner with them and we have grown from there to encompass all EV brands, charging systems and technologies. We have become the leader in the EV charging field both for residential and commercial applications taking hundreds of projects of many sizes to completion with good results all around Alberta. Since that time we have been asked to represent Tesla with their power wall and soon their new solar roof systems. Since we are also believers in the power of our western sunny skies to produce energy for your home or business. We are continuing to work to develop the emerging solar industry in Western Canada.

      Whether we are working on your electrical, building controls or HVAC we bring our experience, education and founding principles with us. Let's work together to make a brighter future for us all.


Full service electrical construction and maintenance
EV charging installation in residential and commercial environments
Underground utility locating
Non-invasive concrete scanning
FLIR thermal imaging
HVAC maintenance and repair
Refrigeration installation and maintenance
PLC design and programming
Custom communication and controls
Solar panel design and installation
Building Management Systems (BMS) installation and maintenance
Fire alarm installation and maintenance
Current and power logging
LED lighting retrofit
Back-up generator installation and maintenance

Let us be a Partner on your Electrical Project

Residential, Commercial or Industrial

We have proven our team knows how to finish a project on time and on budget. We are also very conscious of our teams safety, having consistently met the standard of COR Certification.
All of us believe in the necessity of education coupled with experience and are all still very much involved in every level of design and construction to ensure that all permits that bear our names are in line with our ethics, while keeping our customers needs in focus.

Planning and Design

Engineering and Drafting

To make a project successful it is recommended we get involved at the planning stage. We can do much design in house but also have Electrical Engineers we work with and can generate stamped drawings when a project calls for it.

Green Energy and Solar Power

The future is bright and it is coming

Solar is the most Powerful Energy Source in our Solar System and we know how to harness it to benefit you and the planet. We can also work with you to reduce your energy usage with efficient building controls and LED retrofits as well as the transition to electrical transportation infrastructure. All of us want to protect our beautiful planet but still need energy to enjoy our lives. See how you can have both by talking with us about harnessing the power of the sun.

Meet the Team Leads

Knowledgeable and Experienced

Our founder, Taner-Jay, is a Certified Master Electrician, Fire Alarm Technician, Certified Electronic Technician and Refrigeration HVAC Mechanic and has a host of other qualifications.

Rocky Larkin is a conscientious Journeyman Electrician who is our lead electrician. He has an extensive background in overhead door controls, access controls, and as a mechanic. Everyone Rocky works with likes him and he will also get the job done right.

Fransis Okros is a knowledgeable Journeyman Refrigeration HVAC Technician who leads this wing of the company. He also has a very strong building controls background especially in Delta controls.

Allison Cairns is our diligent safety officer. In her career she has worked for large oil and gas companies in this role and brings professionalism to her work.

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